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Novosanis is an innovative developer and producer of medical devices adding value to the accuracy of diagnostics tests as well as drug delivery in the field of prevention, detection and treatment of infectious diseases and oncology.

Novosanis is a Belgian private company endorsed on multiple occasions nationally and internationally for its solutions and is ISO13485 certified.

Novosanis prospers in user-friendly and clever medical devices meeting all regulatory and quality requirements for self-sampling and drug delivery solutions that improve accuracy and standardization while making handling easier, more consistent and more comfortable for the user.


Novosanis has two device platforms in portfolio: 

 VAX-ID™    is a patented and proven platform of injection devices suited for accurate drug delivery of e.g. therapeutic, prophylactic and allergy vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin and 

 Colli-Pee™  is a patented sampling device suited for standardized and guaranteed collection of first-void urine (first 20ml of the urine flow) allowing improved detection of infectious diseases as well as early stage cancer.Colli-Pee™ is in a commercial stage. It is CE-marked and FDA listed.



On the 12th of March 2013, Novosanis was founded as a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp. Novosanis is funded by a private investor Taste Invest. At present, two medical device platforms are being offered: VAX-ID - a platform of devices suited for accurate intradermal drug delivery - and Colli-Pee - a device for guaranteed and standarized collection of first-void urine. 

The creation of these two devices, which are the heart of our company, was the result of multidisciplinary collaborations between the University of Antwerp (VAXINFECTIO and Product Development; the latter was formerly Artesis University College) and Voxdale (Design & Engineering company).


Quality Policy

Our quality policy states: "Novosanis prospers in user-friendly, safe, reliable and qualitative medical devices by meeting all regulatory and quality requirements. Effectiveness and  productiveness are continuously assessed and improved. Co-workers are encouraged to exceed the Novosanis quality objectives which is empowered by adequate training and resources."

Novosanis received the ISO13485 certificate in May 2016. Read more here.



Our team consists of seasoned experts in (bio) medical sciences - product development - biomedical engineering, business development & sales - marketing & communication, finance, quality management & regulatory affairs and production.

Our Management Team is composed of Vanessa Vankerckhoven who is appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Koen Beyers appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Joris Noreillie appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Nancy Kemland works as Executive Assistant to the CEO and is the all-round Office Manager at Novosanis.

Our Sales, Marketing & Communication, Business Development Team is composed of  Pieter-Jan Delvaux as Business Developer, Lydia Van Geloven as independent Business Developer for Colli-Pee, Michael Ruppert as independent Business Developer for VAX-ID, Kristoff Baeten as independent Communication Advisor, Danielle Pasmans as independent Marketing & Sales Advisor for Colli-Pee, Wim Tiest as independent Strategic Advisor for VAX-ID.

Our Design & Engineering team is composed of Manon de Koeijer and Timothi Van Mulder as medical researchers, Leonardo Ruggiero as Medtech Development Manager and Tamara Flies as Mechanical Design Engineer.

Timothi Van Mulder is also appointed Quality Manager to safeguard the Novosanis ISO13485 environment. Isabel de Brito Manique is active as independent Regulatory Affairs advisor.


Working at Novosanis

Are you interested in joining forces with our team? You can find all information on job opportunities and internships here.


Board of Directors:

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