BiR&D study

Performance of a new first-void collection device Colli-Pee


Aim: Performance of a new first-void collection device, Colli-Pee

  • Group A: 32 women, positive for HPV16 and/or 18 at earlier testing (HPV DNA on cervical samples).
  • Group B: 155 healthy volunteers (50 men, 105 women), HPV status unknown.
  • Detection of hDNA and HPV DNA in (first void) urine collected using Colli-Pee™ (Novosanis) and Multi-Collect™ (Abbott).
  • Group A samples were send back by regular mail

Conclusion: In women, urine collected using the Colli-Pee™device yielded a higher number of copies of hDNA and HPV DNA compared to the Abbott Multi-Collect™ system. As all samples of group A arrived at the lab in good conditions, self-sampling at home using the Colli-Pee™ is proven to be a valuable tool.


Vorsters et al. 29th IPV Conference 2014, Seattle, US, Poster PH#.PP02.114 


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