Working at Novosanis

Looking for a new opportunity in your career?

As our company has ambitious growth plans, we are looking for people who can strenghten our team.

We are looking for a Product Designer Medical Devices. If you are interested, check out the job profile and send your resume (CV) and motivation letter to our CTO, Koen Beyers.

Also, we are looking for a Regulatory Affairs for our (inter)national certifications (both IVD and MD). If interested, please send your resume (CV) and motivation letter to our CEO, Vanessa Vankerckhoven.


Please feel free to send an open application as we are continously scouting for people that can strenghten our team!

Please send your resume (CV) and motivation letter to our CEOVanessa Vankerckhoven. 



Looking for an internship?

Internships are offered at Novosanis in various areas: we welcome students ranging from Bio (medical) Engineering to Biomedical Sciences.  Students will be working closely together with our R&D team: Leonardo, Tamara, Timothi, and Manon.

The medical oriented students will conduct (pre-) clinical studies and work on the medical development of our devices, whereas engineering oriented students will work on the technical development, including CFD and FEA work.

Also students interested in working on our online and offline communication, marketing and sales can apply for an internship and will be working closely together with Pieter-Jan Delvaux and Nancy Kemland.

If you’re interested in an internship or master thesis at Novosanis, please contact our Office Manager, Nancy Kemland.


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