Vanessa Vankerckhoven

Vanessa Vankerckhoven

CEO | Co-Founder
Member of Board of Directors
vanessa [dot] vankerckhoven [at] novosanis [dot] com

Vanessa Vankerckhoven is appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Novosanis. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences and is also an expert in innovation management, next to vaccinology, microbiology and clinical trials.

Koen Beyers

CTO | Co-Founder
Member of Board of Directors
koen [dot] beyers [at] novosanis [dot] com

Koen Beyers is appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Novosanis. He holds a master degree in product development and is an expert in product design, engineering and rapid prototyping. 

Joris Noreillie

joris [dot] noreillie [at] novosanis [dot] com

Joris Noreillie is appointed CFO at Novosanis. He holds a Master in Applied Economics from Antwerp University (2002) and added a Master in Finance a year later. During his professional career he completed an executive MBA program (Vlerick Business School) in 2014 with honors.

Nancy Kemland

Executive Assistant | Office Manager
nancy [dot] kemland [at] novosanis [dot] com

Pieter-Jan Delvaux

Business Developer
pieter-jan [dot] delvaux [at] novosanis [dot] com

Pieter-Jan Delvaux operates as a business developer. He graduated as a Master Management and Master Applied Economics at the KU Leuven. 

Lydia van Geloven

Lydia van Geloven

Independent Business Developer Colli-Pee
lydia [dot] vangeloven [at] novosanis [dot] com

Lydia works as independent business developer who helps to expand Novosanis' network of potential customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Timothi Van Mulder

Clinical Affairs Manager
Quality Manager
PhD Fellow (Baekeland)
timothi [dot] vanmulder [at] novosanis [dot] com

Timothi Van Mulder is appointed Clinical Affairs Manager and is responsible for the (pre)clinical studies necessary for the development and optimization of Novosanis’ VAX-ID drug delivery devices. He is also appointed Quality Manager.

Leonardo Ruggiero

Leonardo Ruggiero

Medtech Development Manager
leonardo [dot] ruggiero [at] novosanis [dot] com

Leonardo is in charge of bridging the gap between Design & Engineering and production as Medtech Development Manager and Regulatory Affairs to ensure high level of process and product quality.

He holds a PhD in Engineering and has past experience in research and project management.

Manon de Koeijer

Biomedical Scientist
manon [dot] dekoeijer [at] novosanis [dot] com

Manon de Koeijer works as a Biomedical Scientist and has expertise in clinical trials, bench research, knowledge on molecular diagnostics and more.

Tamara Flies

Tamara Flies

Mechanical Design Engineer
tamara [dot] flies [at] novosanis [dot] com

Tamara Flies works as Mechanical Design Engineer at Novosanis. She has a commercial pilot license next to a Master in Industrial Engineering with a major in electromechanical engineering with a clinical focus.   

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